Terms of service

The present Terms of service defines the conditions for the use of the services and materials of the http://www.polyplastic-compounds.ru/eng/ website (hereinafter – the Website) by the User. The Website belongs to R&P POLYPLASTIC Ltd. (ITN: 7729729355).


“Website Administration” – staff members authorized to manage the Website acting on behalf of R&P POLYPLASTIC Ltd., which organize and perform personal data processing and determine the purposes for personal data processing, their contents and performed actions.

“Personal data” – any information concerning a certain or uncertain natural person (personal data owner).

“User” – a person having access to the Website via Internet and using the Website.

“Information” – details (messages, data) regardless of their form of presentation.

1. General provisions

1.1 Use of services and materials of the Website is regulated by the current Russian legislation.

1.2 The present Terms of service is a public offer. When acquiring access to the Website materials the User automatically agrees with the present Terms of service.

1.3 To use the Website (including review of its contents) the User is to express full consent with the Terms of service and Privacy policy available on the Website http://www.polyplastic-compounds.ru/eng/privacy-policy.

1.4 The User fills in his personal data (name, e-mail, city, name of the company) in the “Contact us” and “Survey” Website sections. If the User presses the “Send” button, he accepts the present Terms of service. By the present actions, the User confirms that he is aware of the Terms of service and fully understands their meaning as well as possible consequences in case of their violation.

1.5 The information provided by the User in the “Contact us” and “Survey” forms is used to contact the User.

1.6 Website Administration has the right to change the conditions of the present Terms of service at any time on a unilateral basis. Such changes enter into force upon expiration of 3 (three) days after placement of the new version of the Terms of service on the Website.

1.7 The Terms of agreement enters into force after the User accepts its conditions.

1.8 The User confirms that when completing the “Contact us” form he acts in his own name and his interests, confirms the consent to provide the Website owner his personal data by indicating them on the Website and confirms the personal data authenticity. The User bears any risks connected with the consequences of providing false information.

1.9 Website Administration has the right to disclose User’s information if required by the current Russian legislation.

2. User’s obligations

2.1 The User agrees not to violate current Russian legislation or any international laws on intellectual property, author’s and related rights as well as conduct any actions, which may cause any damage, interruption or impairment of this Website or its services.

2.2 Use of Website materials without rightholder’s consent is not permitted. To legally use the Website materials it is necessary to enter into the license agreement with the Right holder.

2.3 In case of quoting the Website materials including protected author’s works reference to the Website is obligatory.

2.4 Comments or any other notes of the User on the Website cannot contravene the laws of the Russian Federation and universal moral principles.

2.5 The User was warned that Website Administration is not responsible for his visits of any external resources links to which were available on the Website.

2.6 The User agrees that Website Administration is not responsible for any direct or indirect obligations towards the User in connection with any possible losses due to the Website contents, copyright registration and information about such registration, products or services available on external resources or any other contacts entered by the User using information placed on the Website.

2.7 The User agrees that all Website materials and services may contain advertising. The User agrees that Website Administration has no obligations in connection with such advertising.

2.8 The User undertakes to use the Website only for acquisition of information about services and products offered by the Website owner.

2.9 The User undertakes not to take any actions, which may disrupt proper functioning of the Website.

3. Other conditions

3.1 Any possible disputes arising from the present Terms of service or connected with it are to be settled in accordance with the current Russian legislation.

3.2 No provision of the Website can be understood as establishment of agent, partnership, recruiting or any other relations not established directly by the Terms of service between the User and the Website Administration.

3.3 Decision of the court about the invalidity of one of Term’s conditions does not lead to the invalidity of other conditions of the Terms of service.

3.4 Website’s Administration failure to act in case of violation by the User of the Terms of service does not deprive Website Administration from the right to take necessary actions to protect its author’s rights.

The User unconditionally agrees with the present Terms of service.