Technotep (SEBS, TPE)

R&P POLYPLASTIC offers thermoplastic elastomers filling the niche between thermoplastics and thermally-reactive rubbers under the Technotep trademark. The wide application of thermoplastic elastomers is determined by the fact that this polymer possesses elastic properties of rubber and, at increased temperatures, softens like thermoplastics.

Basic properties

Technotep displays high elasticity and high mechanical properties. Products made of this material may be used at temperatures ranging from 60 to 110 degrees Celcius. Materials are haracterized by high abrasion-resistance, resistance to ozone, UV-radiation, oxidation, aging, have excellent heat-insulating and strength performance, are non-toxic; conform to sanitary and hygiene requirements, are resistant to shape change at high and low temperatures, are resistant to acids, alkalis, detergents.


This composite is applied in the production of electrotechnical products, cable sheathes, pipe elements, for products used in construction (window and door sealants, sanitary products), in the automotive industry (in the production of rugs, splash aprons, washers, hoses, dust covers, etc.), in the production of sports accessories, consumer goods and other products where the high elasticity of the material is required, including for the replacement of rubbers.


This composite may be processed by pressure or extrusion molding, depending on product type. Upon the processing of TEP, it is possible to avoid the vulcanization stage, which makes it possible to process waste products.