Technaset (POM C)

R&P POLYPLASTIC offers major polyformaldehyde brands under the trade name TECHNASET.

Basic properties

This material has the greatest rigidity and fatigue resistance of all thermoplastics and the lowest coefficient of static friction. Material is abrasion-resistant and frost-resistant (-40°C). PFL has a very high resistance to solvents and virtually all neutral organic substances. Parts made of it ensure fast assembly, which leads to savings in terms of production expenses.


It is used for the production of fine products applied in the automotive and electrical-equipment industries, mechanical and tool engineering (bearing cages, bearing, sliding parts), household appliances, sports accessories and consumer goods.


Distinctive properties of PFL:

  • excellent chemical resistance;
  • high fatigue resistance and low creep flow;
  • excellent dimensional stability, including in humid environments;
  • shock load resistance;
  • low friction coefficient;
  • resistance to repeated bending loads;
  • excellent properties at low temperatures;
  • tear resistance;
  • elasticity;
  • excellent appearance of product surface.

Parts made of PFL operate at temperatures of from 60°C to +140°C.


This composite may be processed on standard molding equipment without preliminary drying and with the use of the molding equipment developed for molding products made of formaldehyde copolymer SFD/STD and other polyformaldehydes. Melt temperature is 185-205°C, mold temperature is 80-100°C. In cases of prolonged stoppage of the molding machine (more than 20 min), it is necessary to block the batcher and clean any residue from the injection cylinder with polyethylene or polystyrene.