On February 4, 2019, which is the World Cancer Day, the Foundation of Cancer Prevention launched a free service “Just ask” for people who received this terrible diagnosis.

This on-line directory service is designed for people searching for information about cancer treatment and best specialists. “Just ask” does not provide telemedicine services. However, experts may provide crucial information about the best doctors and medical centers to treat cancer. “Just ask” is an independent service, which is not engaged with any medical clinics.  

Which problem does the service solve?

  • Over 650 thousand people incur cancer in Russia only every year. This number is even bigger in the CIS. At first most people are shocked and don’t know where to go. In such cases there is no universal approach, each case is unique.
  • The Foundation of Cancer Prevention receives thousands of enquiries annually. People ask what to do in any specific situation.
  • After 10 years of work the Foundation of Cancer Prevention has developed unique experience about the quality of cancer treatment in Russia. “Just ask” is a way of sharing this knowledge with everyone who needs it.


How does the service work?

Within the “Just ask” service patients are advised by recognized experts in the area carefully chosen by the Foundation of Cancer Prevention. They will provide all necessary information to the patients on short notice and refer them to doctors specializing on specific clinical settings. Communication system between patients and doctors will help to broaden and update the knowledge base about the quality of cancer treatment in Russia.   


How does the service work for R&P POLYPLATIC employees?


All enquiries from employees of R&P POLYPLASTIC will be attended to on a priority basis. When filling in the questionnaire please specify the name of your company. This way the case manager will receive your application with a priority mark.


On-line directory service for patients with cancer and their relatives


«Start consultation»

We would also like to inform you that all R&P POLYPLASTIC employees have the opportunity to complete a free screening test Screen 2.0 on the website of our partner – Foundation of Cancer Prevention. The expert information system is designed for assessment of medical conditions and early detection of cancer.