Technamid (А - РА66, B - РА6)

R&P POLYPLASTIC produces polyamide-66-based, filled compositions under the TECHNAMID trademark. 

Basic properties

Combines high mechanical performance and elasticity across a wide range of temperatures, anti-friction properties, high fatigue resistance and low creep flow. Material has excellent oil and benzine resistance and resistance to hydrocarbon products. Properties of PA-66 resemble those of PA-6, the main difference is higher heat resistance and lower moisture absorption.


It is used for the production of performance parts functioning in conditions of increased mechanical loads and temperatures (bearing cages, bushes, gear wheels, cases of different application).


Modification of PA-66 through the introduction of fiber glass, mineral fillers and other modifying additives makes it possible to significantly modify the properties of the basic material:

  • give the compositions even higher heat resistance;
  • significantly increase rigidity and durability;
  • increase material resistance to atmospheric factors;
  • make the material extra low-combustible.
  • Operating temperature of compositions based on PA-66 — up to 150°C, for a short time — up to 240°C.