Armovil/Technoloy (PVC)

R&P POLYPLASTIC offers polyvinyl-chloride-based compositions under the trade names ARMOVIL and TECHNOLOY.


Distinctive properties of compositions made of PVC:

  • availability
  • low-cost
  • weather resistance
  • easy to rework
  • high dyeability
  • low-combustible (self-extinguishing material)
  • high elasticity up to - 60°C

Basic properties

Water-insoluble, resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, mineral oils, swells and dissolves in ethers, ketones, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons. Combinable with many plasticizers, resistant to oxidation and low-combustible, low heat resistance.


Composite materials based on plasticized PVC can be used for the production of: floor covering (PVC dalle); cushions for railway transport; pseudo-rubber parts for sealing and shock-absorption; sealants for plastic windows; sealants for household appliances. Currently, the experts at the R&D center are developing compositions for a soft cable compound on the basis of PVC.