Social responsibility — is an important part of the successful and sustainable business of R&P POLYPLASTIC.

Social responsibility as an employer is based on the formation of favorable working and life conditions. R&P POLYPLASTIC provides a competitive salary, social benefits and guarantees to each company employee, as well as fair financial and moral incentives.

The company provides for the comprehensive support of employees, which is based on the key message of the company’s mission “To discover the best solutions for the improvement of quality of life” and aimed at the following spheres:

  • physical education and sports (each year, the company holds competitions in volleyball, football, five-a-side, Russian billiards tournaments; the company provides facilities for daily sports activities,
  • rents a sports center with a gym and a pool),
  • social support,
  • education and culture (recovery of expenses for learning foreign languages, art school for employees).

The occupational health and labor safety policy of the company includes the following set of measures:

  • bringing buildings, structures, rooms, buildings and industrial sites into line with regulations under the requirements of the respective state standards;
  • equipment troubleshooting to ensure the safety of workers upon its operation and during the manufacturing process, as well as performing diagnostics on the raw materials used in production;
  • certification of workplaces with respect to working conditions;
  • organization of training, instruction and assessment of knowledge on industrial safety and the labor protection of workers;
  • acquisition of special clothing, special footwear and other devices of individual protection;
  • obligatory routine health screening of workers;
  • transparency and availability of information on labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection.

R&P POLYPLASTIC Certificate GOST ISO 9001 (ISO 9001):

R&P POLYPLASTIC Certificate GOST ISO 9001 and GOST ISO 14001: