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Tailor made in action: R&P POLYPLASTIC modified the material by request of the client from Poland


In December 2021, R&P POLYPLASTIC has started industrial supplies of its materials for the Polish construction industry. Before entering the Polish market, Armamid PA6-4T grade, previously produced only in natural color, was modified in accordance with the color specifications of the end user.

The new grade called Armamid PA6-4T-831 will be used for production of wall plugs. “The manufacturer of these items traditionally produces them in grey color RAL 7035. Therefore, after successful tests of material samples in natural color, we asked our Russian partners to develop an appropriate recipe”, – says Tatiana Moj, Plastics Department Director of MOBI Sp. z o. o., an official distributor of R&P POLYPLASTIC in Poland.

R&D specialists of R&P POLYPLASTIC created a recipe of the required color. It is worth mentioning that there are about 400 ready color standards in the catalog of the company’s Research and Development Center.

“After testing the 3 tons pilot lot we received positive feedback from the end user. We made our first commercial shipment in the middle of December 2021. We hope that in January 2022 regular industrial deliveries will begin”, comments Pavel Kruglov, General Director of Polyplastic Trading House.

Armamid PA6-4T is a popular material on the market.  Due to its increased elasticity, impact strength, frost resistance and robustness against alternating loads, the material can be used for the manufacturing in a wide range of industries including mechanical engineering, automotive, E&E, instrumentation engineering and others.

“We supply Armamid PA6-4T in natural color to both Russian and foreign clients. In addition to Poland, we are shipping this material to Germany. In 2021 it was successfully tested in Austria and therefore I am sure that after adding the version in RAL 7035 to our brand assortment the geography of supplies will continue to expand", said Pavel Kruglov, Polyplastic Trading House.