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Delegation of R&P POLYPLASTIC visited SIBUR PolyLab


Delegation of R&P POLYPLASTIC learned the capabilities of the new SIBUR PolyLab R&D centre for the development and testing of polymer products, which was officially opened less than a month ago.

Polymers are well-known synthetic materials widely used in almost all branches of the national economy including auto industry, production of household appliances, construction, housing services and utilities, food industry and medicine. PolyLab’s key priority is to promote effective use of polymers both to manufacture existing products and create unique innovative solutions for technological advancement in healthcare, consumer goods manufacturing, auto industry and construction.

Research and Production Enterprise “POLYPLASTIC” – the leading Russian producer of polymer compounds and SIBUR – the largest national petro-chemical company are long-time strategic partners. “Opening of the scientific center PolyLab enables to take a further step to innovative development of Russian plastics processing industry and implement modern technologies into the production processes. We hope that collaborative efforts of our R&D centre and PolyLab will help Russian polymers to take leading positions on the international markets”, commented managing partner of R&P POLYPLASTIC Andrey Menshov.  

R&P POLYPLASTIC congratulates SIBUR with the opening of PolyLab and wishes success and outstanding practical results to its team.