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Aiming to sell 100 kilotons of compound materials


On Monday the international conference “Compound market in Russia – growth potential in various segments” started its work in Kazan. R&P POLYPLASTIC Head of Research and Development Mikhail Katsevman presented a detailed industry review.

The total level of consumption of composite materials in Russia reached 290 kilotons in 2017. A substantial part of it (almost 80 kilotons) was used by the automotive industry. Other largest consumers are manufacturers of household appliances and construction materials. It is important to note that R&P POLYPLASTIC occupies almost a quarter of this market.

In his presentation the speaker also payed special attention to the main industrial trends. Growth rates of compounds consumption will remain at about 5 to 8 % per year. Use of recycled materials in Russia as well as in Europe will be a case of top priority in the following years.  

Mr. Katsevman said that the main target of R&P POLYPLASTIC for the nearest future is to increase sales to the amount of 100 kilotons. The company plans to actively develop sales not only on the domestic market but also abroad.