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The annual Technical council of R&P POLYPLASTIC takes place at one of its production sites in Togliatti


The central discussion platform of R&P POLYPLASTIC has opened on August 16 in Togliatti. Traditionally, the event takes place outside the Moscow central office, closer to industrial processes.

The moderator of the first day was Quality Director Alexander Bleskin. Within his presentation, he mentioned the issue of quality improvement. The company is constantly working in this field by not only implementing up-to-date control systems of manufacturing processes but also developing an employee incentive program for reaching excellent quality results. The results of this work can be assessed through the survey of the company’s main consumers, which showed a quite high level of satisfaction.    

Summing up the results of work of the Togliatti production site its Head Alexey Beginin noted that the first half of the year business plan has been implemented by 102% while production costs were reducing. The primary consumer of the Togliatti site is AVTOVAS – the Russian auto major. In the near future, the company is planning to modernize the rubber processing equipment and continue its work on cutting energy consumption.

Technical Director of R&P POLYPLASTIC Evgeniy Ambrosov told about raising efficiency of manufacturing processes. This issue is very important in light of recent trends of digital economy. The speaker mentioned that the company pays special attention to modernization. In 2018, investments will exceed 70 million rubles. In practice, the company managed to replace obsolete equipment and connect to state-of-art-systems of information transfer at the production site in Engels.

At the end of day one of the Technical council, Director General Alexander Pavlov told about the main achievements of the company. Among these is the program of improvement of working conditions. He also highlighted the progress in export supplies. R&P POLYPLASTIC signed a number of distributing agreements and delivered first lots of compound materials to Baltic States and Eastern Europe.