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R&P POLYPLASTIC supports consumers at all stages of the manufacturing process


To support its consumers of compound materials R&P POLYPLASTIC published a Guidance on injection molding of construction polymer materials.  

In the Guidance company experts explain how to choose injection equipment and prepare polymer materials for production. They also give recommendations about proper storage and operational parameters of raw materials.

Besides, special attention is paid to using production waste materials. Polymer materials of R&P POLYPLASTIC can be reprocessed. Quality of secondary materials can be compared to prime materials while providing many economic benefits. 

R&P POLYPLASTIC is the largest manufacturer of thermoplastic polymer compound materials in Russia. In 2018, production capacity reached 115 kilo tones. The company supplies to major international automakers, producers of household appliances and construction materials. All materials are produced under trademarks Armlen, Armamid, Technamid, Technoter, Technoset, Technotep and Armoten.