Polymer waste processing

R&P POLYPLASTIC recycles waste of its own production. Polymer waste recycle is among the most important tasks solved at the company's plants in Moscow.

Items, waste, and ecology

Today, plastic and polymer items had become an indispensable portion of life. Production rates keep on increasing escalating the amount of waste. Almost 12% of household waste, as of today, are items produced from polyethylene, polypropylene: food vessels and boxes, bottle caps, plastic bags and etc. Thus a secondary processing of polymer wastes has turned to an urgent issue. Such service is in demand with the scale of wastes growing to an ecological, social, economic and even political importance. 

Issues of polymer recovery

The issue of polymer recovery brings forth new business perspectives. Our Research and Production enterprise, enduring at an intersection of science and business, stands as a good proof to this. Specialists at our company believe than just producing polymer compounds is not enough. They believe in a constant search of new, better, more economically profitable, ecologically safe and scientifically proven solutions of recovering wastes of production. 

Difficulties of polymer recovery 

Secondary polymers in form of pellets are a result of a somewhat complicated process of processing polymer wastes. This process is comprised of various stages. It beings with separating impurities. The second stage is comminution after which processing commences. Secondary polymers produced serve as a raw material in the production of various goods.