Secondary HDPE pellets

R&P POLYPLASTIC fabricates secondary high-density polyethylene. The company offers secondary pellets — HDPE raw material at an affordable price.

Aspects of secondary pellets production 

Polymer pellets are a universal material in the production process of various items. Secondary HDPE pellets are products of recycling of used polymers. Secondary polymers do not differ from a primary polymeric substance in respect of quality. Prior to processing, the secondary raw materials are sorted, cleansed from impurities — sand, paper, steel and etc — and comminuted. A polymer pellet is a small piece of polymer of any form and with a given hue. 

Main characteristics of LDPE pellets

Polyethylene pellets display further properties:

  • frost-resistance;
  • insolubility;
  • low density;
  • good shock absorption — pellets' structure change affected by temperature;
  • low gas and vapor permeability;
  • resistance to mechanic impacts;
  • low adhesion;
  • resistance to alkaline, solutions, organic and non-organic solutions
  • long storage duration without quality loss

Benefits of R&P POLYPLASTIC's offer 

As a result of innovations developed by the company's R&D center, our clients receive HDPE pellets of a high quality, virtually similar to the primary raw. The principal benefits of using secondary plastics in production are: increase of economic effectiveness and reduce of production expenditures by 30%.

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