Secondary LDPE pellets

Among other productions, R&P POLYPLASTIC specializes in secondary LDPE pellets. The company's product is distributed domestically and internationally. 

Aspects of secondary LDPE pellets production

Products from our company come as a result of LDPE polymerization (low-density polyethylene) cleansed from impurities. Scrap of used products, defective products and etc are being processed to produce secondary pellets. Afterward, pellets produced are distributed to manufacturers that work with LDPE as well as to other consumers interested in this sort of material.

Secondary LDPE pellet's unique properties

This material is an indispensable production raw material of particularly all non-food plastics. This is related to the fact that products produced from secondary raw materials suffer several properties distortion: decrease of light transmission and a peculiar odor. As for technical purpose vessels, a number of household items not related to edibles, the LDPE secondary pellets serves perfectly. Nonetheless, producers do lessen their production expenses after using our materials — this affects the price of the final product without loss of quality.

R&P POLYPLASTIC offers a wide range of polymers, affordable prices and a domestic approach regarding cooperation.