Production of polymer pellets

R&P POLYPLASTIC specializes in production and realization of polymer pellets through LDPE, HDPE, and PP molding.

Why choose polymer pellets

Modern polymer processing technologies help solve two issues:

  • globally — preserving the environment, preventing harmful emissions, reducing waste storage areas;
  • particularly —  economic and productional profit due to application of secondary raw materials, that do loose in quality 

Advantages of secondary polymer pellets 

The materials, that POLYPLASTIC company offers its clients, are produced from processed polyethylene items — out of use — by unique technologies. Physical and chemical properties are virtually identic to those displayed by the primary material. Secondary materials, being produced from polyethylene waste, are subdivided into groups: LDPE, HDPE, and PP.

The production of polymer pellets avails low price of final product, which leads to expenditure reduces for enterprises that utilize such materials in the production of final products.