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Research and Production Enterprise “POLYPLASTIC” took part in the Army 2019 Forum


In the end of June the largest Russian manufacturer of polymer compounds R&P POLYPLASTIC took part in the international Army 2019 Forum. Year after year composite materials become more widespread in people’s day-to-day lives. They are also used for the army needs.

Within the “Special purpose composites” round table expert of R&P POLYPLASTIC Boris Feofanov made a presentation in “New thermoplastic construction compounds based on polyphenylene sulfide”.

The speaker told that until recently there was no production of polyphenylene sulfides in Russia. Within the import substitution, strategy a decision to start its domestic production was made. Currently, the R&P POLYPLASTIC Armoten and Termoran brands are the only Russian polyphenylene sulfide based compounds.  

Their biggest advantages when compared with their closest analogs – thermoset materials are radiation stability, easy processing, recyclability and dimensional stability.  

Research and Production Enterprise “POLYPLASTIC” is prepared to cooperate in developing the production of polyphenylene sulfide based materials in Russia.